Search Engine Optimization

And other website related aspects vital to strengthening your Internet identity


Search engine optimization (SEO) key aspects include, but are not limited to:

Website defining information:

Page titles, content, formatting, visibility, coding

Website metadata, keywords, sitemap/layout structure, linking.

Accessibility and Speed:

Content formatting – favorable formatting to meet the largest search engine ranking criteria.

Compatibility with devices, browsers, and platform specific tools.

Page file sizes and loading times which including caching strategies and use of content distribution networks (CDNs).

Network and Security:

Security protocols including TSL (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, the predecessor to TLS) implementation. Firewalling and network monitoring.

Privacy and digital information protection.

Social media platforms, formatting and interchange between websites and other mediums.

While this includes an extensive list of various aspects of SEO, it is important to note that most of these items are somewhat necessary to operate a proper, secure, quick and usable site on almost any platform.


It is difficult to rank the importance of each aspect outlined above, as an entity’s specific needs and concerns may vary. However, to illustrate some examples, imagine a business who wishes to sell products online to anyone in the world not implementing a TLS/SSL security, cryptographic protocols designed to safeguard information sent to and from your website over any network, including sensitive client and/or credit card information. Most payment processing platforms would not work directly with the website, and clients may not feel safe transmitting their information and payment details to this business, and different web browsers may even flag or block the site entirely; potentially damaging or crippling a business’ prospects online. Even if the business had implemented security protocols and also made it possible to sell to anyone in the world through their platform, if they are not accessible to their clients or invisible for search engines that may help bring them business, the company may not thrive and lose out on important revenue. Let’s say these aspects were also adhered to properly, a network security problem resulting in the leak of the entirety of their clients’ information and payment data may devastate their existing customer base may be lost for fear of unsound business practices and abandon their patronage for another, more reputable and secure competitor.

Diamond R&D practices industry standard search engine optimization techniques and takes the process a step further by identifying specific needs from a client and developing long-term strategies to support their goals. We are knowledgeable in digital media design of many forms and synthesize technological tools, industry information, marketing strategy, and creative ingenuity to accomplish tasks and goals.